Premium Malaysia to invest RM124m in bio-oil plant

The company, a partner of Ensyn Technologies, Canada, will use Ensyn’s proven “Rapid Thermal Process” (RTP) technology to convert oil palm biomass to pyrolysis oil also known as bio-oil for green renewable power generation and “drop-in” renewable transportation fuel production such as green gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

Premium Malaysia yesterday entered into an engineering services agreement with US-based Envergent Technologies, which was represented by its managing director Mark Reno.

The agreement is to undertake engineering work for the first RTP bio-oil plant in Malaysia.

The company expects its first plant to provide about 100 new jobs.

“We looking to sell the oil domestically right now although there is a huge international demand, especially from Europe and it is tremendous market for us,” Premium Malaysia’s deputy chairman Patrick Wee Ewe Seng told reporters after the signing ceremony.

“We use the oil domestically in Sabah since we want to fulfil the state’s power requirements since it is having a lack of power,” Wee said.

“Biofuel is now used for power generation and in the next two years, there will be transformation in the technology which allow bio-oil to be use as ‘drop-in’ transportations,” he said.

The project is among the initiatives laid out under the Palm Oil national key economic area of the Economic Tranformation Prog-ramme to commercialise second generation biofuel using oil palm biomass. — Bernama


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